Summer Fat Blaster



AUGUST 4th – AUGUST 27th 2020

Are you interested in shedding a few pounds for beach season?  Join our four-week cardio fitness program to help reduce excess weight.

This program includes: plenty of hiking, interval training, stair & hill training, strength training (with bands and body weight only), agility drills, tabata drills, core strengthening, and cardiovascular workouts.

This program is for all fitness levels from beginners to advanced!  Don’t be discouraged; take this at your own pace!

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors in various parks, beaches, etc. in Victoria, and surrounding areas (including the West shore). You may discover sites for the first time ever!

Number of sessions: 11

Class size: maximum 20 participants


TIMES: 6:30-7:30PM Tues/Thurs (Sun 9:30-10:30am)

COST: 115.00 (including taxes) Only $11.50 per class.

Drop in cost: $17.00 per session.

Note: No nutritional component included.   

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