10 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Tamara is a fantastic motivator and the classes are so much fun!! I love going to her classes because I always get a good workout with a bunch of really nice people!!! I can’t wait for the next camp!!!


  2. Ben says:

    I didn’t know what to expect at first… There were lots of people who looked as thought they ran marathons for a living, but their were also others who looked like they were there for the fun of it. I was a very big guy at 5’9″ 285lbs Tamara had trouble getting her scale to read me. I was worried it would be like every other fitness exercise I had done in the past, thought she would shout at me and have me left in the dust. I was pleasantly surprised on the first day! She is excited and clearly loves her work. She doesn’t shout or make you feel inadequate. The classes are always a size which allows Tamara to be attentive to everyone’s personal needs, such as individual exercises to avoid previously injured muscle groups or joints. The classes are really and truly fun and I began looking forward to them more and more. The people whom attend are encouraging and you get to meet some great people. Everything is done with a sense of humour and fun I haven’t found in other fitness activities. As a result of the encouragement I achieved incredible results. I felt for the first time in my life confident about myself. The decision to take on one of Tamara’s boot camps was a turning point in my life and its something I look back on fondly. If your looking to go out, have some fun, see some new places, and get into shape. Then there is nothing better you can do then to contact Tamara!

  3. Aleshia Osborne says:

    If you are looking for a great team to help you reach your fitness goals then look no further then Tamara and Dave .They are truly inspirational and embody what they teach . At a different location every time no two workouts are the same . Along with nutritional support I felt their sincere desire to help me reach my goals . Tamara will be your biggest cheerleader . Each workout was challenging and filled with fun and laughter , a very welcoming group .

    What are you waiting for ?

    The time is now to take responsibility for your health .

    Much gratitude ,

    Aleshia Osborne

  4. Karen Furtado Hughes says:

    First off, hands down, this is by far, the best boot camp program in Victoria BC!!!!

    I attended my very first boot camp class over 6 years ago, and I couldn’t have started it with a better group, let alone, better instructor, than Tamara!!! She is beyond, one of the most educated, professional, fit personal instructors, I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Every class I attended, I felt the challenge and change in my body every time!! I have since then, mixed in a variety of other workout programs, but have never seen and felt results, like I have with Tamara’s Fitness. There is no other boot camp more rewarding than this one, that I can guarantee!!! The energy you feel with Tamara, is so encouraging, fun and always upbeat and full of laughter!! I have also learnt so much with the nutritional support that Tamara provided. It has now changed the way my family and I eat, clean and healthy, no better way to live life! Join this group, I promise, you will never regret it!!!! I will forever, be a part of Tamara’s Fitness!!!!

    Live on, stay strong, and be healthy!!!

    Karen Furtado Hughes

  5. Elizabeth says:

    From the first boot camp with Tamara’s Fitness, I was hooked. I have now been taking Tamara’s boot camp for 8 years. I have tried other boot camps around Victoria and I can truthfully say that this is the most enjoyable.

    The classes are never boring and you can really feel your body change and your fitness improve over the 6 weeks. The classes are great for beginners and can be challenging for experts. Tamara’s fitness knowlege, professionalism and care for each participant enables anyone to get a great workout. You can tell everyone in class is having fun. I look forward to each boot camp class!

    From the variety of locations around Victoria, the varied boot camp workouts, to the the nutritional education and support – this program is great value…. and did I mention it was fun? Thanks Tamara and Dave for so many years of amazing boot camps in Victoria!

  6. John Atkinson says:

    I was overwhelming impressed when I first tried the “Bootcamp” class with my wife.
    It wasn’t intimidating one little bit.
    I always trust word of mouth recommendations as being the most reliable, and Tamara’s professionally friendly personality gave me a sense of belonging.
    Not once did I feel out of place or uncomfortable.
    We went to clover point and on a beautiful summer evening, introduced ourselves, and did a variety of exercises which got me sweating and breathing hard!
    With the nutritional information and recipes provided, the both of us have seen noticeable positive changes in our bodies……… woo hoo!
    I wouldn’t be hesitant to suggest to my family and friends to join in on the fun that comes every few days in Tamara’s Bootcamps

  7. Pam Stonehouse says:

    Tamara’s Fitness Changed My Life

    I used to think I was quite fit
    Until my pants no longer fit
    I joined Tamara’s Fitness to get back in shape
    But what I found was a Great Escape
    Running and playing in the park
    Hooting and hollering like a lark
    Fitness Testing Day arrived
    And I discovered to my surprise
    That I had lost the weight that’s true
    But I gained new friends and stamina too
    I keep on going (over 2 years now)
    And never get tired of pumping my arms
    And kicking my legs to keep up with my friends
    My Boot Camp Buddies
    To the End
    Tamara’s advice has led me right
    My Abs are Tight
    I have Protein and Carbs in every bite
    And when I am asked
    I’m proud to say
    Exactly what I Ate for Dinner that day!

  8. Jan Burke says:

    I’ve been going to an indoor gym for almost 25 years and I was getting bored and I needed a kick start to my fitness routine. Tamara’s boot camp is the answer as it is fun and the locales change daily and there are lots of laughs during the sessions. Tamara accommodates people of all different fitness levels and she modifies all the exercises or workouts she presents to the class. Along with the great workouts, Tamara also works one to one sessions with each participant and provides great practical nutrition advice. I will definitely be back for another boot camp in the near future!

  9. Meghan Crowther says:

    I have been attending Tamara’s outdoor bootcamp for about 6 years straight and I have been 100% addicted! No other work out compares to Tamara’s. She’s also very positive, encouraging and enthusiastic. She’s always on the look out out for new and improved ideas so each workout is different so your always kept on your toes. I recommend Tamaras Fitness to everyone I can who’s interested! 🙂

  10. Laurel Saunders says:

    I am an out of shape 63 year old woman who has never been very interested in sports or physical activities. However I signed up for Tamara’s Boot Camp to keep my friends company. Tamara and her husband Dave have made the classes engaging and inclusive. Tamara is positive and encouraging to all of us, no matter what our fitness level, and always suggests a modified form of each activity that even I can do. After 5 weeks at Boot Camp I’m actually having fun exercising and have seen some definite improvement in my strength and stamina.

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